Monday, April 19, 2010

Art Envy + Ben Quilty

Did anyone catch Ben Quilty (and the Maggots) on ABC's Artscape? If I ever win tattslotto the first thing I'd do is try to get my hands on a piece of his... Not that I ever buy a ticket! He does these amazing paintings that are like butterflied- yep thats its technical term (or not)... I'm sure you'd remember making pictures like it in primary school, where you smear paint onto one side of a page folded in half, sandwich the page, apply pressure pushing the paint out to the edges and when you open it you have a mirrored image, or a butterflied effect? Well he makes pictures that seem to be made like that, but portraits, and the detail under the paint... They're amazing. Its the most excited I've been about art in ages.

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