Wednesday, August 13, 2008

3 things

Three things that I never tire of seeing in design and decoration-
* stripes- I have a thing for them! It amazes me how many new colour and style combinations are dreamt up every season. Stripes can transport you to Paris, to your Nan's Farm House, to the Hampton's, to the Missoni design studio, and back home again in the flick of a pantone colour swatch.

* sea-scape's- I love "shack" style and everything to do with living by the ocean! Sea side colours are probably my favourite palette -  collecting shells and drift wood, the way the water changes shades through the day, sunburn, and that air that makes you hungry...

*collections-  Collections usually have that thrift shop style, a clutter of objects on a shelf or a table, a splatter of cushions abandoned on the couch that speak volumes of a home that's lived in and has a story to tell. 

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