Saturday, March 21, 2009

One thing leads to another

Its the perfect time for exploring my favourite online haunts today, there is a little rain out side and a promise of blueberry pancakes in the kitchen while I absorb absorb absorb!
So I wanted to share something I stumbled upon but first I have to say how seductive packaging can be! And in my experience in the store there's almost always two responses to something that is beautifully wrapped, or contained... Some are an instant lover of a gorgeous print (be it paper or fabric) and if they love the outside what's inside can be almost secondary! Others need to satisfy their curiosity by seeing inside the wrapping too, the outer visible part is not enough... I am the former type of consumer.
Like this Mast Brothers Chocolate (via Oh Joy! - thankyou) in my mind you just know that a chocolate wrapped inside such beautiful paper will taste melt in your mouth divine- who needs to sample!

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